Canadian Entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley Investors connect at Grow conference

The Grow Conference took place Aug 19-21 at the Vancouver Convention. I didn't attend any of the Conference sessions, as.I spent all day interviewing Grow Speakers, Organizers, and other Business people attending Grow. I interviewed ten of the events' featured Speakers, several event sponsors, and organizer Debbie Landa.



15 Startups to Demo at Launch@GROW Conference

The 2nd annual GROW Conference is upon us again this year. I had a great time last year meeting some amazing and talent VCs, Entrepreneurs, and Techies. This year,...

April 17 Women in Film Festival

I went to the annual Women in Film Festival ( WIFF at ) this weekend at the Vancity Theatre. WIFF Director and Film Producer Robyn Wiener suggested I come out and see what WIFF 2010 is about this year. Women are making strides in the film industry as most visibly seen by Kathryn Bigelow’s Academy Award for Best Director at the Oscars. The Festival showcases and promotes the great work being done by women in writing, producing, directing, lead acting, or editing roles.

W2 Culture + Media House Holds Conference on Olympics and Social Media

Exciting, inspiring, and educational conference on the Olympics and Social media. The keynote speech by Andy Miah provided a very informing presentation on the historical growth of the Olympics from an organizational and media viewpoint. The W2 Culture and Media house is an independent social media centre located on the Vancouver Eastside near Gastown. W2 has been presenting a series of day long Conferences on topics related to Social media & the Olympics.


7 good reasons why eco fashion week vancouver was a success

Myriam Laroche owned a 100 pairs of shoes, but now she's leading Designers, Buyers, and Fashionistas along the Eco Fashion path with the launch...

Adam Chapnick of Indiegogo shares insights on the art and science of a million dollar campaign My recent interview with Adam Chapnick on crowdfunding, the history of Indiegogo, and the value of engagement in campaigns. Adam Chapnick,  principal of the crowdfunding...

Canada Pride Strong on Commercial Drive, Strathcona, and East Hastings

In search of Canada pride. A photo walk around Commercial Drive, Strathcona, and East side Hastings.

Thousands of zombies invade downtown Vancouver

Seemed like Halloween came early this year, as thousands of zombies filled the streets and stumbled their way from the Vancouver Art Gallery to...

pecha kucha 10 at vogue theatre

Another amazing night at the Vogue Theatre. Over 1050 people sold out the venue for Pecha Kucha 10. Pecha Kucha is a global event...

Check out 20th and FINAL Under The Volcano Festival on Sunday

After 20 years UTV has decided to close this chapter of our history by making our 20th anniversary our final event. For two decades we have organized in solidarity with local and global social justice movements and have staunchly supported marginalized peoples struggles. We have survived and thrived and now it’s time to say goodbye. Come celebrate cultures of resistance, activism and community!

Jeff Garner of Prophetik conquers Eco Fashion Weeks in London and Vancouver

With creation of Eco Fashion Week, Vancouver joins the list of forward thinking Fashion cities such as New York, London, and Paris who all are...

Join the world’s largest simultaneous music and dance event at Earthdance Vancouver

I spoke with one of the Earthdance Vancouver organizers, Sobey, about what makes this year's Earthdance different than in previous years. This year to from...

Socializing with more than 140 characters at Vancouver Twestival

A rainy day in Vancouver presented an interesting opportunity for Tweeters of all stripes to come together this past Thursday at the CBC radio building for the second Vancouver Twestival (#YVRTwestival, #Twestival ). Beyond being a chance to meet all the people they previously only knew online, the Twestival may just demonstrate how the face of fundraising could forever be altered by social media. Indeed, the attendance of between a 150-200 people successfully raised over $9000

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