Seemed like Halloween came early this year, as thousands of zombies filled the streets and stumbled their way from the Vancouver Art Gallery to Second Beach in Stanley Park.

I’d never been to the Zombie walk, but I was amazed to see so many people come out this year. When the walk was well underway, I looked both ways on Robson and saw nothing  but endless zombies stumbling and screaming and scaring passersby.




Some photos by Philip Tong, a very talented Vancouver photographer. His photos are always colorful and vibrant.

Vancouver Zombie Walk 2010

Vancouver Zombie Walk 2010

Some photos by Susan Gittins.

Zombiewalk 2010 in Vancouver

Zombiewalk 2010 in Vancouver

Some photos by Teresa Marie. Check out her Zombie walk article:

Some photos by Chris Gehlan. We met during the Zombie walk.

Some photos by Simon Beaumont.


Here’s a link to the Zombie walk Vancouver facebook group:

There are hundreds of photos on facebook group’s photo page.

A blog post on the Zombie walk with more scary photos:

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