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Under the Volcano 20th anniversary 2010

After 20 years UTV has decided to close this chapter of our history by making our 20th anniversary our final event. For two decades we have organized in solidarity with local and global social justice movements and have staunchly supported marginalized peoples struggles. We have survived and thrived and now it’s time to say goodbye. Come celebrate cultures of resistance, activism and community!

"Celebration of Nature, Music and Dance" took place in a unique setting atTzvi's Place, 1823 E 2nd Ave in Vancouver. Music and dance started...

My friends came to see C.R. Avery... I’m overhearing friends talk about relationships and sex while they stand next to me in the lineup. The sounds of cool New Orleans Jazz plays intermingles with the conversation, then I realize it's not background music that I hear. I lift myself up onto the divider separating those waiting and those watching from inside the venue. At the other end of the room I could see a black baby grand on a small stage. A man wearing a black leather hat and dark sunglasses was playing melodic jazz. I found myself bobbing my head in time with his playing, because it was a catchy kind of tune. I felt transported to an imaginary bar in New Orleans....